Aspiring Chief Executive Programme – Cohort Five and Six  Participant Criteria

The Aspiring Chief Executive programme is aimed at senior leaders aspiring to lead at chief executive level in an NHS accountable role focused on service provision and system development within the next 12-24 months.

This programme is likely to appeal to individuals who are currently executives (including managing directors) of NHS provider organisations), or exceptional individuals operating in senior systems leadership roles with responsibility for achieving significant organisational collaboration (e.g. ICBs/ICSs, Department of Health and Social Care, the 14 Arm’s Length Bodies, Local Authorities, Police Force, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs), and others).

We welcome applicants who can demonstrate the skills, experience and qualities required to be credible candidates for leading an organisation at chief executive level within the next 12-24 months, taking responsibility for providing NHS services and achieving organisational collaboration across systems.

The eligibility criteria for this development programme is based on the requirements of the role and the NHS Board Level Competency Framework. Applicants are not expected to meet all areas of the eligibility criteria, rather it is intended as a guide to support applicants in assessing their readiness and suitability for this programme alongside identified development areas.

Criteria  Sift via application (A)
and/or assessment centre (AC)
Evidence of a recent talent conversation, to establish readiness towards a first time chief executive role within the next 12-24 months and has the support of their chief executive or chair  A
Evidence of the motivation and drivers behind the applicant’s aspiration to step into a chief executive role  A
Currently operating at executive level or equivalent in a provider trust, ICB or system setting or other health, voluntary and/or social care setting (e.g. ICBs/ICSs, Department of Health and Social Care, the 14 Arm’s Length Bodies, Local Authorities, Police Force, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs), and others).

Evidence to show sustainable impact and legacy at this level within their organisation and/or system with responsibility for achieving sustainable improvement through collaboration

Demonstrable track record of delivery in professional area and evidence of impact; including engaging clinicians A/AC 
Evidence of leading programmes to enable financial sustainability, recognising the importance of productivity, efficiency, transformational change, and effective use of resources A/AC 
Evidence of leading large scale, complex change across or with systems and organisational boundaries drawing in clinical expertise to shape, influence and deliver continuous improvement A/AC 
Evidence of leading across organisational boundaries to improve health outcomes and reduce health and care inequalities and inequity in the provision of care A/AC 
Experience of successful partnership working with a diverse range of stakeholders, including co -production with wider public and all staff, and leading in a politically sensitive environment A/AC 
Evidence of personal and professional alignment with NHS values, including within observed behaviours A/AC 
Demonstrable commitment to developing high performing, compassionate and inclusive team, and organisation cultures A/AC 
Evidence of personal and professional commitment and advocacy for equality, diversity and inclusion and demonstrable experience in improving EDI outcomes A/AC 
A thorough understanding of national policy and strategy and its impact at a regional and local level AC 
 Evidence of working as part of a unitary board to reach collective consensus on decisions and to provide governance and assurance in relation to financial performance, quality and safety frameworks, workforce, and operational delivery AC 
Capacity to co-create a compelling vision that engages, inspires, influences, and motivates and enables people to stay and deliver to the best of their ability, and reach their full potential AC