Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 2

Creating a Psychological Contract for a More Inclusive Workplace

Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 2

Harness your inclusive leadership skills to create and maintain good psychological contracts in any healthcare facility.

Duration: 5 weeks
Weekly study: 2 hours a week, 10 hours total.

Part of the NHS Leadership Academy’s Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme.

What will this course cover?

Develop healthy psychological contracts to ensure equality and diversity at work

A psychological contract is not written down, but it’s vital to workplace success. Simply put, it defines the relationship, commitments, and expectations between leadership and staff.

Developing and maintaining healthy psychological contracts can be difficult but it’s an essential part of leadership. This five-week course explores how you, as a leader, can create psychological contracts that help ensure both equality and diversity.

Hone your understanding of psychological contracts

Over the five weeks of this course, you’ll learn more about human relationships and the key factors to make them successful, the skills needed to create and maintain a psychological contract, and your inclusive leadership role.

Develop practical skills to foster workplace diversity and relationships

After learning about psychological contracts and how to maintain them, you’ll get clear instructions on how to apply this theory to your own workplace.

You’ll take away key action items that you can implement immediately, as well as effective ways to prevent and recover from psychological contract breaches.

The syllabus:

  • Introduction to the Psychological Contract
  • Managing the Psychological Contract in a diverse workforce
  • How we can prevent the Psychological Contract breach
  • How we can recover from the Psychological Contract breach
  • Your role as a leader.

What will you acheive?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Explain the key ingredients of human relationships, in life and at work
  • Correctly identify your role in relation to the others at work
  • Demonstrate your skills to maintain relationships with others.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone involved in healthcare facility leadership, from supervisors to managers, who is interested in cultivating equality and diversity in the workplace.

As the second in a series of training sessions on equality, diversity and inclusion in medical services, it will help you develop core inclusive leadership skills.

We recommend that people complete Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 1 before undertaking this course.

Developed in partnership

This course is a partnership between the NHS Leadership Academy and the London Race Strategy team.

NHS Leadership Academy’s purpose is to help people discover and fulfil their leadership potential to deliver outstanding health and care.

London’s Workforce Race Strategy team recognise the challenge and complexity involved in addressing race inequality. They work across London’s NHS to make a significant and tangible difference to the experiences of its BME workforce.

For non-UK applicants or if you are not eligible for free access please enrol through FutureLearn.

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