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Bursary Information

Introduction Text:
The NHS Leadership Academy places diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything that we do. Inclusion is one of our four key strategic aims and therefore must be sown across and throughout our work.

In offering our programmes, we pay attention to inclusion in relation to both content and how our programmes are delivered. We must also ensure that access to our programmes reflects the richness and diversity of our workforce.

To this end, we now have a bursary scheme to support talented applicants who are from groups under-represented across leadership levels and whom, without the bursary, would otherwise miss out on opportunities to access the excellent quality professional leadership programmes that the Academy offer. Specifically, the scheme is available to individuals of the following groups;

  • BAME
  • People with disabilities
  • LGBT+

Guidance for bursary applicants

As the bursary scheme falls within our Inclusion strategy, and is only available to those applicants who have sought organisational and alternative methods of funding.

The bursary section of your application will be considered in isolation from the rest of your application and we won’t take into account any information provided in your personal statement. It’s important therefore to include any information which you feel may be relevant in both your personal statement and the bursary section of your application. You won’t be penalised for any repetition between the two.

The word limit for your bursary application is 600. Whilst there is no minimum requirement, it is advisable to make use of this allowance to the extent you feel possible or necessary.

Please note that we have a very limited amount of bursaries available; applications for a bursary can be made via the programme applications on our leadership community website, NHSx.

The bursary scheme is available for The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Nye Bevan programmes. To apply for a bursary, please complete the bursary application form and terms and conditions within the programme application on NHSx.

These bursaries are limited, and cover the full programme fee including accommodation during residentials, but not travel and some subsistence where that’s not provided as part of the programme. You may also apply for a partial bursary where a proportion of the funding has been secured through your employing organisation but the full cost is unattainable.

Bursary application programme deadlines

Applicants must submit their bursary application and terms and conditions as part of the programme application.

All bursary applications will be assessed by a panel and independent from your programme application.

For those applying for bursaries on the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme, successful applicants will be notified following the application closing dates and review of applications. Successful applicants for the Nye Bevan programme will be informed after the assessment centres.