How apprenticeships work

What is the benefit of undertaking an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an exciting option because they provide the balance between learning the theory and putting it into practice, empowering you to turn your success into consistent team success and champion compassionate care and support.

They are suitable for those who are just starting out, upskilling, or looking for a career change or promotion. They give you the unique opportunity to be in a real job where you learn, gain experience, get paid and make a difference to the people we serve.

What are the leadership development programmes incorporated?

No matter what occupation you embark upon through an apprenticeship, leadership development will be crucial to your role within the NHS and affiliated providers of care. That’s why the apprenticeships you can read about in these pages incorporate our leadership development programmes.

The NHS Leadership Academy have developed a range of leadership development programmes to suit aspiring, first-time, middle and senior leaders. They are designed to be self-directed, flexible, grounded in reality and applied in the workplace so they align perfectly with apprenticeships.

How are they funded?

Apprenticeships are funded through your organisation’s apprenticeship levy, and the cost of the NHS Leadership programme is absorbed by the apprenticeship provider, meaning no additional cost to you or your organisation.

You will need approval from your employer before approaching the provider about your chosen apprenticeship and applying to join the programme.

Want to find out more?

Our apprenticeship information webinars are designed to enable you to find out more about each apprenticeship. If you would like to join a webinar please email: [email protected] with the course title and the date of the webinar that you would like to attend.

Upcoming information webinars

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