Healthcare leadership model self-assessment tool

Introduction Text:
A self-assessment tool to support the Healthcare Leadership Model has been developed and has a greater focus on helping individuals to assess their leadership behaviours and more fully understand their leadership development.

Self assessment is a helpful way to better understand your own leadership behaviours and highlight areas of strength, weakness, and areas that you may need greater focus on.  The questionnaire also encourages you to think about which dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model are particularly important for your role, and will help you to compare how you rate yourself in these dimensions to inform your development plans.

This interactive and intuitive tool is free to access.  You will need to register for a free NHS Leadership Academy ID on Profile, and register for ‘Healthcare Leadership Model’ on this system under Available Programmes.  You can find out more about the registration process first or access the registration system right away using the ‘Register now’ button at the bottom of this page.

Once you have finished the self assessment questionnaire, you will have access to your downloadable PDF report which summarises your ratings.

Would you like to ask others to provide feedback on your leadership behaviours as well?  If you decide you would like to upgrade to a 360 degree feedback questionnaire, you can easily do so.  All you need to do is click ‘upgrade to 360’ from within your account and the Appraisal Hub system will automatically remember your ratings and get you started on the full 360 degree feedback process.

Have you already registered for the Healthcare Leadership Model on Profile?  You can log in to the Appraisal Hub directly using your details:

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Further information

Still have questions? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for further information, have a look at the Appraisal Hub Support page or contact the dedicated Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub Help Desk on [email protected] or 0124 228 2979.

You can also access detailed User Guides as well as download sample reports from the Appraisal Hub Support page.