Integrated care boards leaders

Curated resources, supportive tools and coaching for integrated board leader

Integrated Care System Board Development  

A core framework for Integrated Care Board (ICB) – Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Board development and systems Organisational Development adaptable for all levels of ICS subsidiarity

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Integrated Care Board Playlist

A collection of podcasts and webinars to give leaders an overview of the broad range of issues integrated care boards and integrated care systems will tackle and the kind of impact they can make

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Onboarding resources for newly appointed ICB leaders

Explore curated resources including articles, videos, and podcasts around areas such as setting the strategy and delivering long term transformation

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Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating in health and care

A programme for people working in health and care, who want to improve the way they collaborate across organisational and professional boundaries to design and deliver better health outcomes

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