Learning journey

The programme is available through a 24 month programme part-time study, which leads to an MSc in Healthcare Leadership and NHS Leadership Academy Award in Senior Healthcare leadership.

The programme consists of a 24 month learning journey; comprising seven study modules. The programme allows participants to explore the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that are important for leading others when building a culture of patient-centred care within the healthcare system. It’s specifically designed to enable you to put your work role, tasks and experiences to practical use in your study of leadership, while also providing intensive personal and professional development. You’ll be working for at least 15 hours a week, in which you’ll explore themes that support your development of self, teams and organisations to:

  • ensure patients have excellent quality and safe experiences
  • understand how you make a difference to an improved patient experience
  • enable others to give their best to improve the patient experience
  • embed behaviours that improve the patient experience
  • inspire person-centred coordinated care
  • make decisions based upon the best available evidence to improve the patient experience

Learning methods

The learning methods are a cutting-edge blend to keep you inspired and motivated via a flexible state-of-the-art virtual campus, residentials and online tutor support. And to keep it all fresh and current, you’ve got the latest thinking from world-class experts. You’ll emerge from the programme with the professional skills to thrive in a more senior leadership role, ready to play your part in building a more compassionate NHS.

There are three core learning methods on this programme:

  • 50% work based application (where set activities on the online Virtual Campus are put into practice at work)
  • 35% online learning (academic content, assignments and discussion groups)
  • 15% face-to-face residential behavioural development workshops and action learning sets