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Aspire Together: The London Talent Pool

The Aspire Together: London Talent Pool is a deployment pool of ‘ready now’ aspirant and existing Directors ready to take on board-level roles within the next 6-12 months and utilise their skills and capabilities to build the NHS of the future. The intent is that for the first time ever we have visibility of our senior talent population, an understanding of those individuals’ readiness to progress and an appreciation of the sort of career path they wish to pursue.

Talent Management is a key part of the Interim NHS People Plan which outlines a deliberate approach to talent management and recognises the need for system collaboration and multi-professional leadership that delivers impactful, compassionate and inclusive leadership.

The London Regional Talent Board aims to bring these goals to life and has been developing Aspire Togethers programme of work in collaboration with key organisations across London.

The Aspire Together: Talent Pool would become the default source of NHS candidates when we need to fill a board or governing body-level post. In adopting this approach, we expect to stop the practice of turning to commercial search agencies to tell us who our own people are, their use being confined to those occasions where a hiring organisation is also considering candidates from outside the NHS.  We want the pool to reflect the diversity of London and are keen to support Women, BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled applicants.

The London Talent Pool is open to existing Directors looking for their next role and aspirant Directors looking to step up in their careers either in a London Provider or Governing body (CCG) position as well as candidates who are currently working inside London but wish to be considered for another region. The talent pool aims to support organisations to build diversity of the workforce, particularly at senior levels and creating more inclusive cultures. The Aspire Together: Talent Pool encourages all prospective candidates who feel they meet the Success Profile to apply.

The London Regional Talent Board will invite nominations for existing and aspirant directors to join the Aspire Together: London Talent Pool and are especially keen to open these opportunities to Women, BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled candidates.

For more details on the talent pool or to apply click here.

London Regional Talent Board Commitments: 

  • People are at the heart of everything we do, and we will promote a culture that is compassionate, inclusive and affirmative for staff, patients and the community. 
  • We will lead by example as individuals and as a Board with regard to inclusivity and Talent Management practices, acting with transparency, fairness, and collaboration in all that we do.  
  • We recognise that everyone has potential and talent. As leaders and employers, we have the responsibility to maximise potential and will act accordingly. 
  • We will support people movement of individuals through a systemic ‘One London’ approach to enable them to seize development opportunities and build their skills, capabilities and consolidate their expertise. 
  • As leaders of employing organisations we will hold ourselves to account and use our influence to ensure best practice and good behaviours are encouraged and poor behaviours are addressed.   

Our purpose as the London Regional Talent Board is to ‘Improve the leadership culture’, creating the ‘Best Place to work’ facilitated by inclusive and compassionate leadership – as well as supporting the delivery of excellent care with patients and communities.

Our vision is to create the environment and conditions for our people to thrive and grow, to make London the best place to work – where diversity is recognised and valuedWe want London to be a place where everyone working in health and care can show their commitment to London and reach their individual potential for the benefit of the patients we serve and our health care system. 

Our ambition is to support and facilitate collaboration across London, to recognise, value and share talent and opportunities and address talent issues together.

If you have any questions please contact the team via email: [email protected]

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The Aspire Together Talent Pool

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