Leadership Academy

Career development

Career development

We believe in supporting people on their leadership journey and unlocking their potential at all career levels. We offer a range of schemes, pathways, support and talent pools to get you ready for your next steps and to create our own talent pipelines of brilliant leaders.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring national programmes for different levels of leadership, as well as local coaching and mentoring offers through our regional centres. Open to individuals as well as organisations.

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Regional talent boards

Our regional talent boards have been leading the creation of talent pools to identify and support people with the skills, behaviours and values to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Chief Executive
Development Network

A range of supportive resources to help you be a resilient leader, thrive in your role, and build cultures that value the importance of health and wellbeing.

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Aspirant Chair

Build the skills, experience and knowledge you need to become a chair and lead a high-performing NHS organisation.

12-month programme. Five daytime event plus mentoring, observing boards and meetings and completing your development plan.

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NExT Director programme

If you’re ready for a non-executive role, NExT Director will match you with trusts and mentors to help you learn about a range of organisational, leadership and governance issues.

6 to 12-month programme in one or two NHS organisations.

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Executive Director Pathway

The Executive Director Pathway (EDP) is an inclusive talent scheme which aims to support aspiring executive leaders progress in their careers through a series of targeted development opportunities.

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