Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 5

Increasing Disability Positivity

Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 5

Understand the definition and impact of disability to better support, celebrate, and advocate for your disabled colleagues.

Duration: 4 weeks
Weekly study: 2 hours a week, 8 hours total.

Part of the NHS Leadership Academy’s Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme.


Create a culture of disability positivity with NHS Leadership Academy

Disability positivity is about challenging society’s negative perception of disability to instead recognise and celebrate diversity in the workplace. On this four-week course designed by the London Race Strategy Team, you’ll learn how to be disability positive as a manager.

Guided by diversity and inclusion experts, you’ll learn how to support, celebrate, and advocate for your disabled colleagues. You’ll be able to use your training to create a culture of disability positivity in your team and workplace.

Before you can begin challenging negative assumptions and practising positivity, you need to understand what is meant by ‘disability’.

You’ll examine the legal definition of disability and explore the distinction between visible and invisible disabilities. You’ll also discuss the social model of disability and the role that society itself plays in creating barriers for disabled people.

Discover the crucial role managers play in championing disability positivity in the workplace

Once you’ve understood the meaning of disability, you can begin developing the leadership skills you need to create a disability positive culture.

You’ll learn what you, as a manager, can do to lead by example and build an environment in which your disabled staff feel celebrated and supported.

Learn what you can do to support your staff and make reasonable adjustments

In the last two weeks of the course, you’ll focus on concrete strategies for addressing the needs of disabled staff.

You’ll look at a range of real-world examples of reasonable adjustments that have measurably improved the lives of disabled individuals in the workplace.

At the end of the course, you’ll take away key action items that you can implement immediately in your own workplace.

What topics will you cover?

  • What is disability positivity?
  • Why should managers aim to increase disability positivity?
  • How can we as managers make reasonable adjustments?
  • How can we as managers enable success?

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for all managers and supervisors working in healthcare facilities.

The fifth in a series of training sessions on equality, diversity, and inclusion in NHS services, it will help you to develop core inclusive leadership skills.

We recommend that people complete Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme: Course 1 and Creating a Psychological Contract for a More Inclusive Workplace: Course 2 , Core Managers: Noticing and Challenging Microaggressions: Course 3, and Core Managers: Effective Allyship: Course 4 before undertaking this course.

Developed in partnership

This course is a partnership between the NHS Leadership Academy and the London Race Strategy team.

NHS Leadership Academy’s purpose is to help people discover and fulfil their leadership potential to deliver outstanding health and care.

London’s Workforce Race Strategy team recognise the challenge and complexity involved in addressing race inequality. They work across London’s NHS to make a significant and tangible difference to the experiences of its BME workforce.

For non-UK applicants or if you are not eligible for free access please enrol through FutureLearn.

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