Our faculty and local leadership and lifelong learning team will work with you as a system to identify priorities and challenges and focus the support offer accordingly to have the maximum impact and to identify and nominate project teams based around the eligibility criteria.

In addition to elements such as randomised coffee trials and pre-reading through access to a virtual campus. The support fuses theory and ideas with practical application, over 6 months with largely two elements: Orientation and Discovery.

The Orientation phase is the gateway into the process, using three linked components to equip participants with an understanding of the fundamentals of systems thinking and systems and some more indepth exploration around system challenges.

The Discovery phase presents the opportunity for participants to apply their learning to the real challenges they are grappling with day-to-day in their system. Participants will:

  • identify plans or tests of change,
  • implement actions,
  • observe and reflect on impact and new learning.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with others from across different ICSs, enabling them to further expand their learning and develop a shared awareness.