Patient Faculty, Codesign and Practice Team

Introduction Text:
We are here to help provide the very best care to patients, carers and communities. While the Academy doesn’t provide direct services for these end users, we work directly with thousands of staff that do. So, our work supports and enables them to lead with the compassion and skill that the public expects.

This greatly widens the scope of our work and reaffirms our commitment to involving patients, carers and staff representatives in all aspects of our work. This type of meaningful engagement we have with patients, carers and staff drives transparency and accountability which leads to improved programmes and increased participant satisfaction and learning. Our design processes also start with patient stories and we encourage those leading the design to bring in photos of loved ones who have or who are experiencing NHS care. This helps to keep us grounded in purpose during design processes by asking, ‘what difference would this make to my loved one?’

Patient associates

Supporting the NHS Leadership Academy allows you to make a difference to the experience that NHS staff undertaking leadership development have. It improves the ways in which they communicate and engage and make decisions with and for patients, carers and staff.


One of the benefits of supporting the Academy is that it allows you to become connected to other people from across the NHS. Our experience of care volunteers  have a direct impact on leaders at every level of the NHS and play a key role in their development. The impact of the learning and celebrating of success through storytelling has real, profound and lasting effects on our participants. Many of the people who partner with us tell us that they have rebuilt their personal confidence and trust in the NHS, through interacting more, meeting new people, and expanding their network.

If you want to talk about volunteering at the NHS Leadership Academy, you can email us at [email protected]

Quote / Testimonial:

"I’m Mark and have been volunteering for the NHS Leadership Academy for several years. I have been able to share my NHS experiences and have gained feedback from senior managers. I have been able to express my opinion and suggestions of how things could be different."

Mark Perry
Patient Associate