Career stories: What does it feel like to be a leader in health and social care?

The purpose of the career stories project is to highlight the career journey of senior leaders from diverse backgrounds. These colleagues are sharing their career journey, reflecting on their experience and provide tips for other who want to follow in their footsteps. Seeing someone who looks like you can inspire you to consider similar roles. The interviews were conducted by NHS colleagues who volunteered to be part of this important initiative.

The films could be beneficial for anyone within health and social care who is looking for inspiration on potential future careers by giving them hope they can too have a fulfilling and successful career in health and care. It is hoped that colleagues can have a career conversation about their aspirations and explore available career development opportunities such as leadership courses, shadowing, secondments, coaching, mentoring or buddying.

Career stories can support board development activities around inclusive talent management practices and the pillars of the People Plan or the elements of our People Promise. Thanks to the seven Regional Talent Teams who made this project possible.

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