Talent Management Hub

Introduction Text:
There has been an emerging aspiration for the NHS to adopt a more systematic and coordinated approach to managing its talent in light of the current economic and social context in which we now operate.

Building upon the Kerr and Kark reviews, in relation to talent management, the Long-Term plan sets out to “do more to nurture the next generation of leaders by more systematically identifying, developing and supporting those with the capability and ambition to reach the most senior levels of the service’. With the recent release of the Messenger Review (2022), there is an even greater focus on the role of talent management.

The Academy continues to support, deliver and enable interventions that support compassionate and inclusive leadership, but has also responded to a period of intense change. We work collaboratively as a network of seven Local Leadership Academies (LLAs) across England – to deliver a wide range of systems leadership interventions and bring about a whole-system change to talent management.