Review and career conversations

Measures of performance, potential, aspirations and readiness, along with an indication of the support and/or development individuals require to sustain or enhance their performance are key to effective talent conversations and succession planning. It is also essential that all leaders and managers who are responsible for carrying out talent conversations are trained and developed to do so and that they are focused on maximising the potential of all staff.

View the resources and templates below for more information.

Review and career conversation framework

This template combines appraisal, career conversation, a review of health and well-being and personal development planning into a joined-up conversation and provides a structure for individuals and managers to explore talent management fundamentals.

Review and career conversation implementation guide

This guidance is aimed at managers and sets out the steps involved in implementing the review and career conversation framework, preparation, reviewing objectives and behaviour, measuring potential, discussing aspirations, readiness and development.

Review and career conversation user guide

This template provides an outline of a session for briefing staff on what they should expect from their review and career/talent conversation, how their information will be used and their responsibility for preparing and taking ownership of any actions.

Review and career conversation briefing materials for staff- slide deck

This slide deck provides the content for the session for briefing staff.  This should be used in conjunction with the facilitator guide below to guide staff through the organisation’s approach.

Review and career conversation briefing materials for staff –workbook

This workbook supplements the briefing slides for staff and the review and career/talent conversation document.  It is designed to further support preparation and self-reflection to enable individuals to get the most out of their conversations.

Review and career conversation briefing materials for staff- facilitator guide

These facilitator notes are designed to accompany the briefing agenda and slides and cover the key points to relay to ensure that staff are fully prepared for their review and career/talent conversations.