We have recently published the Healthcare Leadership Model, which is the result of research revisiting the Leadership Framework.  Please view the Healthcare Leadership Model section of the website to find out more.

The Leadership Framework provides a consistent approach to leadership development for all staff in health and care irrespective of discipline, role, function or seniority and represents the standard for leadership behaviours that all staff should aspire to.

Fundamental to the development of the Leadership Framework is a desire to create a single overarching framework for all health and care staff, building on best practice standards for leadership development such as existing leadership frameworks used by different staff groups.

Based on research and created through extensive consultation, the Leadership Framework has been tailored to the specific needs and environment of health and care, and is applicable to all staff at any stage of their career. It sets out the expectations of leadership at every level of the system and provides guidance to those who commission leadership development.

What is ‘leadership’?

The Leadership Framework is based on the concept that leadership is not restricted to people who hold designated management and traditional leader roles, but in fact is most successful wherever there is a shared responsibility for the success of the organisation, services or care being delivered.

Who are the leaders?

Acts of leadership can come fromanyone within your organisation and as a model it emphasises the responsibility of all staff in demonstrating appropriate behaviours, in seeking to contribute to the leadership process and to develop and empower the leadership capacity of colleagues.

Shared and distributed leadership

The model of leadership being described here is called shared, or distributed, leadership. This model is especially appropriate where tasks are more complex and highly interdependent – as in healthcare.

Not everyone is necessarily a leader, but everyone can contribute to the leadership process by using the behaviours described in the domains of the Leadership Framework.

Explore for yourself

Please explore these pages to see how the LF can be applied to your role.  The seven domains of the framework can be accessed via the links in the left hand side menu.  There are also a number of supporting tools available, such as free self assessment tools, a 360° feedback tool, leadership development modules, as well as material written specifically for anyone developing education and training.

We have a number of case studies demonstrating how the Leadership Framework is being embedded into different organisations. As you discover leadership for yourself please also join our Leadership Framework LinkedIn Group where you can share your ideas and experiences with others.

Clinicians and doctors will find that there is additional material, such as examples for learning and development and scenarios, available for them throughout the framework.  These sections are marked with the symbols:

Clinical contextMedical context