Evaluation of our programmes

The NHS Leadership Academy (NHSLA) evaluates all programmes as well as undertaking research to inform its future provision. Evaluation is a part of any programme that is being run well. At NHSLA we undertake both formative and summative evaluation of programmes with the aim to explore and understand the outcomes and impact of the NHSLA interventions and how they are experienced by individuals and their organisations. This ensures the work of the Academy remains current and relevant and that our participants are applying their learning for the maximum impact across health and social care.

Using our innovative LeaDER methodology, which was developed through a collaboration between leadership experts and in coproduction with the network of NHS Leadership Academics, our evaluations set out to capture the experiences not only of the participants but also the commissioners and those delivering the intervention and we do this at an intervention’s inception, during delivery and completion – ensuring multiple perspectives are gathered and that the effectiveness of programme processes and impact can be demonstrated.

Each year we produce a meta-analysis of evaluations relating to both national and local interventions which is conducted in the spirit of enquiry, concerned with developing understanding to support strategic judgement and decision making. Using the LeaDER evaluation framework, we aim to:

• Understand the impact our work is having

• Understand where and how we are achieving our aims

• Learn and improve from experience

• Share learning around best practice approaches

• Ensure leadership interventions represent value for money

• Demonstrate accountability to funders, stakeholders and participants

Programme studies

In addition, we commission further independent studies on our national programmes which both look at the impact of the programme and the career progression of participants.

The Mary Seacole programme

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme

The Nye Bevan programme

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The LeaDER Hub is available by invitation only. Access is available to Regional Leadership Academy colleagues. The Hub is a knowledge exchange,
resource and contains a tool kit to support the use of the LeaDER framework. Please contact the team if you are interested in the LeaDER Framework or wish to find out more about the resources we use.