Key information


How you will learn

The programme is currently undergoing a refresh for cohort five and six, and exact detail of the programme will be available on successful application.

This is to ensure that the programme content and delivery model best supports aspirant chief executives prepare for the challenges of the role in the current health and care landscape whilst making the best use of technology.

Delivery of the programme will be through a combination of residential workshops, smaller praxis groups, applied work based learning and online learning through a virtual campus. We anticipate that the programme will run over a 9-month period, requiring a commitment of around a day per week.

Recruitment and selection: 

  • Application window:  2nd April 2024 to 14th May 2024 at 10am
  • A half-day assessment centre for shortlisted candidates on one of the following dates: 25th/26th June or 2nd/3rd July 2024.

Programme costs

For those working within health and care organisations, the programme is fully funded by NHS England. If you would like to check your eligibility, please do contact us at [email protected]

Key benefits

You will:

  • Develop a strong and sustaining network of colleagues already in or aspiring to chief executive roles within your cohort and from our programme alumni
  • Receive mentorship from senior members of NHS England
  • Enhance your ability to engage with patients, service users, carers, and families of all backgrounds, enabling person-centred care in the local environment
  • Develop your ability to contribute effectively to system leadership, to manage the tension between leading your own organisation and being an effective system player, and to build on partnerships and local system working in the light of national trends and policy
  • Gain a full appreciation of the statutory and regulatory duties associated with an accountable officer role and a solid understanding of the regulatory and fiscal environment, and corporate governance
  • Gain real insight into the demands on a chief executive, including leading the development of strategy and organisational culture, managing an effective executive team, and navigating the key relationship with your chair
  • Be challenged to show your capacity to create a productive and inclusive culture for staff, irrespective of their background
  • Develop a critical awareness of your personal approach to leadership and the impact you have, defining your personal style, behaviour, and attitudes and readiness to lead change
  • Be challenged to understand your biases, blind spots, and attitude to diversity and to demonstrate how you will lead actively to promote inclusion

Cohort information

Please note that we will be recruiting for two cohorts. Cohort five will be commencing in October 2024 and Cohort six will be commencing in February 2025. Exact dates TBC. Allocation of the cohorts will be confirmed following assessment centres to ensure diverse cohorts.

100% attendance of all elements is a condition of accepting a place on the programme.