The Aspiring Chief Executive programme is aimed at senior leaders (usually executive director-level) aspiring to a first-time, chief executive-level accountable role, within the next 12-24 months.

This programme is for you if you:

  • Are looking to take the next step into a first time chief executive role and have the support of your current chief executive and organisation.
  • May be an executive (including managing directors) of NHS provider organisations, or exceptional individuals operating in senior systems leadership roles with responsibility for achieving significant organisational collaboration (e.g. ICBs/ICSs, Department of Health and Social Care, the 14 Arm’s Length Bodies, Local Authorities, Social Care,  Police Force, Fire service, Public Health, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs), and others).  .  
  • Can demonstrate the skills, experience and qualities required to be a credible candidate for leading an organisation at chief executive level within 12-24 months, taking responsibility for providing NHS services and achieving organisational collaboration across systems. 

This programme is not aimed at those who have been recently appointed into a chief executive role or have experience of working as a chief executive in a substantive position. 

Before starting an application, we highly recommend that you review the eligibility criteria to assess your suitability.