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Introduction Text:
The Chief Executive Development Network (CEDN) has been designed to support chief executives with accountable officer responsibilities across health and care, with their development and ensure they are the best they can be in these challenging roles, both for themselves and for patient care.

The role of the chief executive in health and care has never been more important. How we help our chief executives to be successful ‘in role’ whether newly appointed or experienced is one of the NHS’s most important leadership challenges. As the NHS evolves and new models of care emerge, enabling chief executives to successfully lead their organisations and ensure their local health and care system can drive the transformation is critical.

The development network is from the NHS Leadership Academy (as part of NHS England and NHS Improvement) and is also supported by NHS Providers – It is deliberately designed to be a unique offer of tailored and responsive learning and development support for chief executives, at a time when the challenge in the system to deliver today while creating the services for tomorrow is the greatest it has ever been. The network is specifically designed to enable chief executives to think through, discuss and respond to new challenges with colleagues, continuously developing as leaders.

The network has gone from strength to strength with an engaged and growing membership who shape and inform the design, ensuring that development events are fully relevant to both first time and more established chief executives. To ensure that this important opportunity is accessible, the network is now fully funded by the NHS Leadership Academy – the decisions over the content and approach will remain with the chief executive network members.

Quote / Testimonial:

"The problem solving in an action learning environment has led to specific examples of what will help me to solve my problems in the immediate future."

Jim Barwick
Chief Executive,
Leeds West Primary Care Network

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