Coaching for Inclusion programme


Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19, all new recruitment to the Coaching for Inclusion programme has been postponed. We will publish revised recruitment dates when we have further information.

Introduction Text:
Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership development interventions an organisation can deploy.  We want to harness this power to make a meaningful difference to diversity and inclusion within the NHS by recruiting 300 committed and ambitious coaches to develop as a Coach who has specialised in inclusion.

This work will support the Building Leadership for Inclusion (BLFI) strategy, Talent Management strategy and the National Coaching and Mentoring strategy. The driver behind the BLFI strategy is the notion that the thinking and approaches from the past have not taken us far enough when it comes to inclusion within NHS leadership opportunities and progression. We need to do something radically different, we need to tackle inequality in a very different way than we have in the past, only by working together can we improve.

Through this programme, as an inclusion coach, you will be trained to deploy powerful coaching interventions with participants on our positive action programmes (Stepping Up and Ready Now), and underrepresented groups through our Local Leadership Academy (LLA) registers throughout the country.  This will enable the coachees you work with to:

  • Progress into more senior roles
  • Impact systems for greater levels of inclusion
  • Ensure that other black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) and under-represented groups can climb the ‘snowy white peaks’ of the NHS (Kline, R. 2014).

The work doesn’t stop there. You will work with the Academy and National Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative (NCMC) to ensure diversity and inclusion is at the core of our strategy, delivery plans and offer. More importantly, as a coaching practitioner, you will really challenge the ‘old ways of thinking and behaving’.  You will work within the system, in transformational ways, to create a social movement for cultural change to support the evolution of a system that reflects the interests of all. It’s a big ask, but the programme of development we are offering to get you there is exceptional and the invaluable impact you will have within your own organisation and across the NHS is immense.

Quote / Testimonial:

“The programme we have created is based on the latest thinking and sound research around inclusion – it is designed specifically for coaching practitioners working in a highly changeable and complex system. This development opportunity will enable you to bring difference into the coaching conversation in a powerful and very different way, so honest discussions around inclusion, including race, religion, sexual orientation and gender are accelerated, and we really get to unpick how individual circumstances are conditioned by social forces. Only by doing this, one conversation at a time, can we create a dramatic change”.

Charmaine Kwame, National Programme Lead for Coaching & Mentoring, NHS Leadership Academy
Quote / Testimonial:

“Whether the reference is Snowy White Peaks, the Stonewall index or the copious staff surveys which speak of discrimination and bullying, we know that inequality is a systemic problem which needs to be addressed. There would be zero credibility afforded to one who would dispute such overwhelming evidence, and when considering the facts, many of us would be rightly asking the question, how can we work together to change this?”

Tracie Jolliff, Director of Inclusion, NHS Leadership Academy



Quote / Testimonial:

“This programme will challenge you to the very core and make you examine some of your most deep-seated beliefs about inclusion. It is radically different from anything else we have tried before. It will require bravery, honesty and a genuine desire to put your head above the parapet and speak up. We will support you every step of the way, and the programme team will create a psychologically safe space so you can break through any limitations when coaching for inclusion."

Charmaine Kwame
National Programme Lead for Coaching & Mentoring,
NHS Leadership Academy