Ready Now programme


You’ve worked your way up. You’ve trained, self-improved. You’ve given up your own time. You’ve inspired others and earned respect. You’ve overcome adversity. You’ve proven just how good you are. But you’re not done yet.

If your next move is towards a board level position, or a significantly more senior role then our Ready Now programme for senior BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) leaders can help realise your potential. The programme will support you to work within the system, to transform towards greater levels of equality and inclusion as you progress.

Ready Now is an innovative, inspirational positive action programme from the NHS Leadership Academy which will enhance your skills, knowledge and ability to succeed. It’s a game changer.

There are taught elements, self-taught elements, group work, psychodynamic processes, experiential learning and a constantly evolving range of approaches to support your success.

And, once on the programme you’ll be contributing to a more inclusive leadership culture that better represents the demographic of our country and showcases the depth and breadth of BAME talent across the NHS.

Benefits for participants:

The aim of the Ready Now programme is to release the leadership potential of participants with the specific learning needed to:

  • Progress into more senior roles within the NHS
  • Provide the NHS with outstanding, inclusive leaders for the future
  • Effectively influence change within the NHS so that it achieves considerably greater levels of race equality specifically, and the whole spectrum of equality generally
  • Develop BAME leaders to reach their potential meaning better patient care is provided
  • Harness skills to create more inclusive cultures across the NHS

It’s a blended learning experience, drawing on cutting edge research on the issues that influence the progression of BAME leaders and affect the NHS.

At the end of your journey, you’ll be in a position to showcase your leadership learning and have the confidence in yourself to influence a more inclusive NHS.

You’ll be more adept at convincing others of your potential, by providing concrete evidence that supports the difference your learning has made in an extended work context.

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Work at a faster pace towards the equality agenda
  • Inspire other BAME colleagues to progress into more senior roles
  • Participants bringing positive and productive changes to their teams, services and patients in areas such as increasing staff morale, improving patient experience and effective service redesign
  • More strategic working with greater collaboration across large and complex programmes, departments, services and systems of care, leading to less waste and more efficient use of resources
  • Building a powerful, regional and national support network of like-minded, influential leaders that the organisation can gain support from and test out innovative ideas
  • Increasing the number of inspiring and innovative leaders in the organisation’s talent pipeline for better succession planning
  • Demonstrate improved leadership practices thus having a greater positive impact on organisational culture and inclusive, patient centred care

Immediately after joining the programme, I realised that I needed to close the gaps in my personal leadership development if I wanted to become an effectual leader

Adeboye Ifederu, Head of the newborn screening laboratory, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)