Aspire Together: The South East Regional Talent Board


Our vision is to create a culture of diverse, inclusive and compassionate leadership where people thrive and grow to make the South East a great place to work.
Our role is to establish a collective culture of talent management across the South East to ensure we have the leaders with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to create a healthy environment for staff, patients and citizens.

People are at the heart of everything we do to deliver health and care services in the South East and everyone has unique talents. Recognising and nurturing diverse talent means we can create a positive culture of compassion and inclusion that improves the wellbeing of everyone. Diverse leadership and leaders are fundamental to delivering excellent care and we will be proactive and inclusive in supporting organisations across the South East to encourage and nurture diverse talent.

One of the ways we will do this is by proactively identifying talent in a way that is fair, robust and transparent and provides visibility of leadership opportunities.
A key first step to achieving our vision is the formation of talent pools – people who are ready or nearly ready to step up to senior leadership roles – across the South East region.
More details will be available here as the programme develops. Please register if you would like to receive further information.

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South East Talent Pools

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