What we are working on

The lessons of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on our workforce has been immense. Some of our key initial research will focus on finding the leadership practices that will drive the health and care sector forwards and those that should be left behind, to provide case studies, tools and learning for leaders.

Our programme includes a mixture of rapid, medium-term and longitudinal research, using a range of research methodologies and approaches for different issues. For the first year, this will centre on three themes:

  • Theme 1: Leadership for inclusion
  • Theme 2: Innovation and future leadership
  • Theme 3: Leadership in the digital world.

In year 1, we are focusing on:

Leadership for Inclusion

Social Justice -what health inequalities mean for leaders; and what leaders leaders need to tackle them

Racial Justice – leading racially just futures and changing and challenging mindsets and practice

Inclusive Leadership – how to develop truly inclusive leaders.

Innovative and Future Leadership

Systems working –partnerships across healthcare, public sector institutions, the charitable sector and private institutions

Delivering a net zero NHS – the ambition to be the world’s first net zero health service by 2040.

Leadership activism and the development

Leadership in the Digital World

Skills of new generation of excellent digital leaders across the NHS

Tools and competencies for leaders to support staff in a more digital world

New and emerging technology to develop our leaders of the future including gamification and virtual reality