Talent Management Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed in collaboration with NHS stakeholders including organisational talent management leads and Local Leadership Academies. It’s designed to support organisations and systems to develop and embed inclusive, sustainable approaches to talent management for staff at all levels. The resources aim to provide organisations and systems with a starting point, or to complement the tools you have in place if your organisation’s talent journey is already underway. They are all available to download and edit so that you can adapt them to suit your requirements.

The toolkit comprises of a range of resources, including practical templates and planning tools which guide organisations and systems through the process of laying the foundations for, engaging staff in, implementing and evaluating effective talent management practices. It will be refreshed and added to over time.

Enabling a culture of talent management

This outlines the foundations required for successful implementation of talent management. It includes having a clear strategy, the engagement and commitment of your Board, leaders and workforce, and having the appropriate plans, reporting systems and evaluation mechanisms in place.

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Equality, diversity, and inclusion in talent management

The highlights the actions organisations and systems should be taking to embed an inclusive approach to talent management. It includes the steps you take to encourage and appreciate difference, how you attract, develop and retain diverse talent, how you monitor access to opportunities and take positive action to eliminate discrimination or under representation.

Developing and mobilising talent

This concentrates on ensuring provision of a broad range of opportunities to develop talent within and outside of your organisation or system. It includes the development, support and stretch opportunities you offer, coaching, mentoring and engagement with system, regional and national interventions.

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Connecting talent interventions across local systems

This centres on the role your organisation has in working in partnership to support talent management across local systems. It includes enabling talent and using information across your local system, understanding system talent pipelines and how you collaborate to develop and mobilise the workforce.

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