Key information


The chair has a unique role in leading the NHS trust board, together with the chief executive, creating a compassionate and inclusive organisational culture embodying NHS values. The chair combines leading the highest standards of effective governance, with securing a long-term vision and strategy for the organisation. The proposed development offer is responsive to the chair’s current leadership needs and is also future-focused on their role working in systems

Our Chair Development Network (CHADN) has been designed to support chairs with their development and create the headspace to develop thinking and adaptive personal leadership strategies and styles for these challenging roles taking leaders into a systems world focusing on population health and reducing health inequalities. Free membership to this established network of chairs includes:  

· Themed sessions with expert speakers 

· Drop-in common rooms and safe reflective spaces 

· Fully funded role transition coaching (for first-time appointed chairs) 

· Access to mentoring with experienced peers 

· Access to online resources  

· Joint sessions where appropriate with chief executives as part of the Chief Executive Development Network.

What we’ll cover

  • Meeting with colleagues from similar roles connects Chairs with peers who have an intimate understanding of being a Chair and the challenges and pressures it brings
  • Opportunities to influence and inform senior colleagues in health and social care The network offers opportunities to meet national figures for developmental conversations, offering insight into their perspectives and influencing thinking
  • Working with leaders from other sectors can bring fresh perspectives to shared challenges
  • Looks at leading across organisations Getting an insight into other organisations providing leadership in the wider health and care system
  • New leadership approaches Helping to expand and inform thinking
  • Developing technical skills and knowledge The network gives members technical insight into what Chairs need to know and do in their role
  • Improving interpersonal skills and relationships The opportunity to develop effective working relationships with key stakeholders, have difficult conversations and explore emotional intelligence
  • Increasing self-awareness, The network allows the member an opportunity to change habits, behaviours, values and beliefs
  • Growing from surviving to thriving Increasing resilience, developing support networks and learning how to use a personal brand to mitigate against risks
  • Organisational development and system leadership Support the challenges of organisational and system transformation and shaping the local environment and national policy


This network is fully funded by the NHS Leadership Academy. This means:

  • Attendance at network meetings is free 
  • For first-time (newly appointed) chairs, sessions with a transition coach will be funded by the NHS Leadership Academy.

Please note the only cost to members will be their travel and accommodation to attend the events.

To find out more, please email us at [email protected].