Executive Director Pathway


The Executive Director Pathway (EDP) is an inclusive talent scheme which aims to support aspiring executive leaders progress in their careers through a series of targeted development opportunities. The scheme focuses on preparing participants for any of the following roles, or equivalent in an NHS provider organisation: 

  • Executive Director of Nursing 
  • Medical Director 
  • Chief Operating Officer 
  • Executive Director of Finance 
  • Director of Workforce/Human Resources   

The EDP – which will take participants between 12–24 months to complete – provides a clear development journey to senior executive leadership, combining best practice in both talent management and leadership development.  

The scheme, much of which is self-directed learning, is tailored to individual participants’ needs and their level of readiness to undertake an executive director role. Each participant’s journey will be different in terms of length of time on the scheme and the development they undertake within it.   


The focus of the EDP is to tailor support specifically to your development needs as a future executive director, enabling you to move your career forward at a faster pace. 

As a participant on the scheme you will: 

  • Work with a dedicated Pathway Guide and coach to gain a deep insight into your leadership potential and career development needs. You will use this information to create a Learning Agenda for your time on the EDP. 
  • Use your Learning Agenda to identify the skills, behaviours and experiences you need to develop into an executive director role 
  • During your time on the EDP you will have the opportunity to build a programme of different experiences and exposure which will help you achieve your personal development goals – including projects, stretch assignments and work placements  
  • Harness the skills required to create an inclusive and compassionate culture across health and care – as set out in the NHS People Plan 


To register your interest please email [email protected]