You’ve worked your way up. You’ve trained, self-improved. You’ve given up your own time. You’ve inspired others and earned respect. You’ve overcome adversity. You’ve proven just how good you are. But you’re not done yet.  


And that’s where our Ready Now programme for aspiring senior BAME leaders can help realise your potential. Next move, a more senior role. Or your place on the board.


This innovative, inspirational positive action programme from the NHS Leadership Academy is going to enhance your skills, knowledge and ability to succeed. It’s a game changer.


There are taught elements, self-taught elements, group work, psychometric instruments, psychodynamic processes, experiential learning and a constantly evolving range of approaches to support your success.


And, once on the programme you’ll be contributing to a more inclusive leadership culture that better represents the demographic of our country and showcases the depth and breadth of BAME talent across the NHS.



The participant experience:




“There’s a clear link between having a racially representative workforce at every level, and the ability of the NHS to deliver quality patient care. Additionally, being able to meet future challenges, such as reducing health inequalities and having ever-higher levels of staff engagement, cannot be achieved without racial inclusion at senior levels.


Across the NHS and the wider social care systems, there’s some way to go before this vision becomes a reality. Ready Now is both an essential and timely intervention to help bring about this change. This is a programme which begins with the assumption that BAME staff face complex and unique challenges to their progression. These challenges are due in part to multiple day-to-day obstacles which are embedded within and permeate all aspects of the system. BAME staff have a particular and powerful role to play in changing this.


Ready Now has been designed to improve patient care by utilising and unleashing the talents of BAME leaders at the most senior levels. This programme is for you if you have aspirations to:


  • Progress into more senior roles
  • Impact systems for greater levels of inclusion
  • Ensure that other BAME and under-represented groups will be ‘lifted up as you climb’


Past participants tell us this stretching and supportive programme has enabled them to lead more effectively and with impact.


Ready Now will give you the space to deeply consider how you lead, and what it means to have impact. You’ll be able to explore this through various lenses, including power, individual and collective identities and the relevance of these to the realities of your role and workplace. You’ll also experiment and test new strategies for leadership impact. The work involved here is key to enabling voice, choice and growing the confidence and capabilities to powerfully lead for inclusion, for the benefit of patients and staff.


Is this the outcome you desire for your leadership? Are you ready and prepared to commit to your learning? Then Ready Now is for you.”


Head of inclusion and systems leadership, Tracie Jolliff


The main aim of The Ready Now programme is to realise your leadership potential with the specific learning needed:


  • To progress your career.


  • To provide the NHS with outstanding, inclusive leaders for the future.


As you would expect, it’s a truly blended learning experience, drawing on cutting edge research on the issues that influence the progression of BAME leaders and affect the NHS.


At the end of your journey, you’ll be in a position to showcase your leadership learning and have the confidence in yourself to influence a more inclusive NHS.


You’ll be more adept at convincing others of your potential, by providing concrete evidence that supports the difference your learning has made in an extended work context.

Who is The Ready Now programme for?