Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating for health and care



The Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating for health and care programme is open to all colleagues working in health, care, local authorities and voluntary sector partnerships, who have a desire to improve the way they collaborate across organisational, professional and hierarchical boundaries to design and deliver better health outcomes for the communities they serve.

What is covered?

The programme will support you as you explore acquire the skills and behaviours needed to work collectively to plan and deliver health and care services to meet local needs and reduce health inequalities.

The programme will cover three main themes:

  • What is system leadership?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do you do it?

Who is it for?

This programme is primarily designed for those working in health, care, local authorities, the voluntary sector and other partner organisations who are curious about understanding what systems are, how they function and how to lead effectively within them.

This programme will be ideal for you if you:

  • would like to know more about working across organisational boundaries
  • want to understand what system leadership and systems thinking means and how you can practically apply these to your work
  • are passionate about improving healthcare and wellbeing outcomes for your local population
  • think that system leadership is the way forward and you want to increase your ability to practice it confidently
  • are wondering if systems leadership is just the latest buzz word and want to understand what it’s all about.

Why should I join this programme?

The programme has been designed by an expert team of faculty, alongside health and care staff, for everyone working in a health and care context, regardless of their job role. It’s a great way to start learning and developing the leadership skills needed in the changing health and care landscape, using collective resources and expertise that will lead to a better quality of life for the population.