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Introduction Text:
The Edward Jenner programme is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role.

The programme will support you as you develop essential leadership skills; open to all, this programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Leadership Foundations.

If you want to feel more able to deal with the daily challenges of working in healthcare, better equipped to care for patients, lead services and provide leadership for those around you – supporting them to do their job better – the Edward Jenner programme is for you.

The programme has been designed with health and care staff, for everyone working in a health and care context. Highly practical and patient-focused, it’s a great way to understand the purpose, challenges and culture of the NHS.

It’s flexible and enlightening, helping you get a fresh perspective on the impact you have on the patient experience – either directly or indirectly.

It’s also a valuable refresher at any level, as well as an important first step towards the Mary Seacole programme.

The programme has been redesigned to offer even more flexibility; Launch takes up to five hours and Foundations is designed to be studied over six weeks.

  • Launch and Foundations modules are free to access and based online
  • The Edward Jenner programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Leadership Foundations.

For further information please email the academy, or apply.

Individual benefits:

  • The programme has been designed for colleagues who are new to health and care or an aspiring leader at the start your leadership journey.
  • Invest in your own personal leadership development delivered in two levels. Launch and Foundations are online, free to access and can be studied in your own time.
  • It enables you to become a part of the Academy’s wider membership, connecting with other health and social care colleagues and peers on the programme to share ideas, solve difficult problems and build your own support network.
  • Apply your new skills in-role as you learn throughout the programme and make immediate improvements to patient care.

Organisational benefits:

  • The programme has been designed with health and care staff, for everyone working in a health and care context, working across all levels.
  • Supports healthcare professionals in the first step on their leadership journey.
  • It offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence and capabilities which individuals can take back to the organisation.
  • Launch and Foundations are delivered online enabling participants to learn in at any time and any place.
  • The practical content means that participants apply new skills and work on improvement initiatives within their role.

A significant part of the development we offer is through our online learning platforms.


Three things that we think are important about this; Firstly we want to make the very best use of your time and as much as possible let you control where, when and how you learn. Putting our learning online means you are in control: you decide when you want to engage – because we know you have a job to do too; how much time you have to engage – because we know your time is precious; and the pace at which you want to learn – because we know you are all different.



Secondly we want the experience to be exciting, engaging and something that you really want to do. We are only at the foothills of the possibilities the virtual world offers in supporting us to become a true ‘learning organisation’. Online learning offers so many more opportunities to create immersive, enjoyable and memorable learning experiences. We want you to be excited about those possibilities and find loads of content that is relevant to you. From learning about leadership and personal styles, to having effective talent conversations, to learning about process redesign and improvement techniques, to scenarios that expand your understanding of whole systems working. An introduction to a new way of working that will surprise and impress you.

Finally, we hope that the experience may also prompt you to think differently about what this new technology can offer, and how maybe you can better build this into the redesign of how you work. Not only can you learn from the content, we hope you also get to learn more about how new technologies and the digital world can reshape the way we engage with our patients, communities and citizens.


Quote / Testimonial:

“The Edward Jenner programme has come at a good time in that I have the summer to complete and start to think about leadership and how this can be developed within my role.

The programme has highlighted some interesting points already. It has got me thinking within my current role about what sort of leadership skills I may already have without realising that I had them!

I think physiotherapists can benefit from this as it can provide the confidence to continue to develop and make a bigger difference to our working practice, in that we can be instrumental in factors that need to be changed. This can also open up new opportunities and a different way of thinking in a job that many are skilled within their field and feel passionate to continue the learning and development.”

Rachel Barnett
Community Physiotherapist
South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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