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Edward Jenner Programme


The Edward Jenner programme is your first port of call if you’re looking to build a strong foundation of leadership skills that can help enhance your confidence and competence in your role. The programme has been designed to offer flexibility – modules are free to access and based online. The Launch level takes up to five hours and Foundations is designed to be studied over six weeks.

What’s Covered?

The programme will support you as you develop essential leadership skills. The programme is structured in two levels which cover, for example, the following topics:


  • Why does leadership matter?
  • Stages of personal development, personal values
  • Leading through relationships


  • Understanding person-centred care and leadership behaviours that enable it
  • Methods of understanding patient experience
  • Challenges in healthcare and the healthcare leadership model
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness
  • Power and influence
  • Levels of listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Who is it for?

Open to all, this programme is for anyone wanting to improve their teamwork and develop foundational leadership skills or aspiring to their first leadership or management role within the health and care sector within the next 1 to 2 years.

If you want to feel more able to deal with the daily challenges of working in healthcare, better equipped to care for patients, lead services and provide leadership for those around you – supporting them to do their job better – the Edward Jenner programme is for you.

Watch this 6-minute-long video which introduces the Edward Jenner programme and explains how you can benefit from it.

Why should I join the programme?

The programme has been designed with health and care staff, for everyone working in a health and care context. Highly practical and patient-focused, it’s a great way to understand the purpose, challenges and culture of the NHS.

It’s flexible and enlightening, helping you get a fresh perspective on the impact you have on the patient experience – either directly or indirectly.

It’s also a valuable refresher at any level, as well as an important first step towards further leadership development.

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Quote / Testimonial:

“The programme gets you to start thinking like a leader and realise that you have leadership potential no matter what your job role. It is a fantastic first step in anyone’s leadership journey.”

Dr Kerry Ann Louise Jobling
Academic Teaching Fellow, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust
Quote / Testimonial:

“The programme has highlighted some interesting points already. It has got me thinking within my current role about what sort of leadership skills I may already have without realising that I had them!”

Rachel Barnett
Community Physiotherapist, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust