Nye Bevan programme


The Nye Bevan programme accelerates people into executive roles that span organisational boundaries; and supports senior leaders to move beyond leadership within their area of expertise. Delivered in partnership with KPMG, PwC and other international and national experts in health and organisational performance, the programme offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence and capabilities over 12 months. 

What’s covered?

  • Developing skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to succeed and operate successfully at executive level as part of the board
  • Learning how to move beyond leadership within your area of professional expertise, into executive roles that span organisational boundaries
  • Tackling real workplace issues, reflecting what is needed at board level to promote safe, high-performing and continuously improving organisations
  • Building your personal resilience, confidence, influence and capabilities to prepare for the challenges and demands of executive director
  • Focusing on your own behaviours and challenges to improve organisational outcomes and patient care

Who is it for?

Senior leaders looking to move into a board level role in the next 12 to 24 months.

See here for eligibility criteria

Watch this short video (2:30mins) with Pritti Mehta, a Nye Bevan participant, explaining why she joined the programme, what she gained from it and how she applied her learning.

Why should I join the programme?

  • Be part of a programme with a world-class expert faculty of global business leaders and educationalists, using state-of-the-art online learning technologies to help prepare for the challenges of executive leadership.
  • Enhance your ability to influence local and national policies.
  • Become critically aware of your personal approach to leadership – biases, blind spots, attitude to diversity, and how to continue to develop your leadership after the programme.
  • Improve your personal impact to help drive progress to build and lead a culture of inclusive, patient-centred, compassionate care.
  • Graduate with the highly sought-after NHS Leadership Academy Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership, improving your career prospects and helping you to accelerate into executive roles.


Quote / Testimonial:

“I have developed a feel for when I should be leading from the front, and when I should be standing back and supporting my team from behind.”

Roxaneh Zarnegar, Consultant
Quote / Testimonial:

“I have gained the confidence to question and challenge the status quo, to speak up and demand a stepped change in our approach to inequalities and to be my authentic self.”

Kuli Kaur-Wilson, Director of Strategy
Quote / Testimonial:

“The course better prepared me for my response to the pandemic, both in thinking about linking with others and expanding my influence on internal and external systems. I have increased confidence and ability to influence across a wider field.”

Claire McKenna, Director of Nursing