CMI Accredited programmes

NHS Leadership Academy is partnering with Pearson TQ to deliver an exciting new leadership development initiative for Edward Jenner and Mary Seacole programmes, where you can gain a nationally recognised accredited CMI qualification as part of your studies.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is backed by the Royal Charter, meaning it is the only professional body that can award the prestigious Chartered Manager status (CMgr). With a wealth of experience in Leadership and Management, CMI qualifications align with the knowledge, skills and behaviours employers require in their workforce. Their qualifications are well recognised and valued in all employment sectors and have been proven to improve performance. Pearson TQ is a CMI Approved centre.

Learner Benefits

  • Personal development opportunity that is structured, bespoke and relevant for managers within health and social care
  • Nationally recognised accredited management qualification for life and future career enhancement
  • Opportunity to build relationships and connections with peers and stakeholders across the health care sector and gain a broader view of the NHS and health and social care
  • Develop coaching skills to enable you to grow as a leader and unlock your full potential
  • Build self-awareness – develop the skills to become a reflective practitioner – gain a better understanding of your strengths as a leader and how to utilise them to support a team to play to their strengths
  • Increase your confidence as a leader – to shape and guide individuals to build solid lasting relationships across health and social care to a create a positive work environment
  • Challenging and rewarding experience which enables you to put management theory into practice, bring to life the core principles: compassion, curiosity and collaboration
  • Increased job satisfaction – resulting in you feeling empowered to turn your success into consistent team success and to champion compassionate patient care.

Organisational Benefits

• It offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence, and capabilities which individuals can take back to the organisation

• The practical content means that participants apply new skills and work on improvement initiatives within their role

• Better succession planning, due to having an increased number of capable leaders in the pipeline

• A wider pool of professional skills to draw on within the organisation

• Structured, evidence-based perspectives on decision-making which have a positive impact

• People with greater positive impact on organisational culture

• Leaders who have powerful strategies to achieve change

• A healthier degree of challenge throughout the organisation rather than just at a senior level.

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