HOPE European Exchange programme


Applications for the 2024 HOPE European Exchange programme are now closed.

The HOPE European Exchange programme is a unique and exciting opportunity to understand the challenges of a healthcare system outside the UK. The benefits are personal, as well as professional, as it leads to seeing your role and the NHS in a whole new light.

Firstly, HOPE stands for Hospitals of EurOPE. The exchange programme offers those with managerial responsibilities across the healthcare system a unique opportunity to exchange time with another EU member state for four weeks, followed by an international meeting for all participants. Organisations and colleagues across the NHS who meet the eligibility criteria are welcome to apply.

The theme of the 2024 programme is “Keeping our health workforce”.

In his blog, Des Carter, Transformation programme manager at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, shares reflections on his experience of the programme. 

Read the full blog here.