The programme offers two tracks:

Track 1: Online only

A 16-week programme made up of four strands (courses). Each strand takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Learning is delivered online and can be self-paced to fit around other commitments. 

Track 2: Online with face-to-face experiential workshops

A 16-week programme with mixed learning types to help participants develop a depth of practice and work with others to deliver a greater impact.

Participants access the same online learning as Track 1 participants and meet face-to-face in three full day facilitated workshops in Leeds.

Workshops start at 9 am and finish at 5 pm.

 Strand  1 – A sustainability worldview: understanding the environment.

· Understand greenhouse gasses and their role in environmental change

· Understand the impact of environmental change on health outcomes

· Discover what is being done locally and nationally towards a net-zero health and care system

· Explore what actions can be taken individually and collectively to make a difference.

Strand 2 – Developing self-leadership for sustainability: designing your development.

· Define your own learning agenda to address social, environmental and health outcomes

· Develop a critically reflective practice, seeking opportunities to discover and improve the impact they have on those around them,

 Strand 3 – Engaging with systems and complexity: understanding complexity and developing systems working

· Understand systems and system complexity

· Develop leadership skills for working across boundaries to address complex challenges,

 Strand 4 – Developing collective impact: creating a shared vision, understanding systems, and making a difference

· Map and describe the landscape and elements of your system and networks of influence

· Determine key stakeholders, describing their needs and salience

· Support others to begin to lead for sustainability

· Evaluate and evidence the impact your leadership decisions are having on carbon reduction and improving health outcomes.


The track 1 assessment is based on the submission of a 5 minute video assignment.

The track 2 assessment is based on the submission of a 5 minute video assignment and attendance at 3 workshops.