Key information


How you will learn

The programme is comprised of a suite of short courses covering different themes of inclusive workplaces visit the structure page to find out more about the courses available.

Online learning

On every step of each short course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments. The programme is delivered fully online giving you total control of where, when and how you learn and the opportunity to complete it in your own time, at your own pace.

Trusted person

Throughout, we are going to reflect on our own perspectives, prejudices and experiences, and whilst some of this can be shared in discussion forums, you will find it useful to identify a trusted individual with whom you can go deeper with your consideration of personal attitudes and actions. A trusted person may be a friend or relative, a mentor, a manager or another participant. The important point is that you feel comfortable sharing your experiences with them, and can trust them to hold your more personal self-reflections in confidence.

Reflexive journal

We recommend that you keep a journal of your thoughts, reflections, and conversations as we move through the courses. This will enable you to capture your learning as we go, allowing you to look back on how you have developed. This process of capturing your thoughts is also a great way of recording key insights, logging actions to take (and their results) and highlighting areas for further development.

Programme cost

If you work or study in the United Kingdom and have a role or a placement in a public health or care role you may apply through the NHS Leadership Academy for free course upgrades before starting the course.

For more details of eligibility for a free upgrade please read the requirements before applying. To apply click here.