Key information


How you will learn

The Mary Seacole programme is six months long with 100 hours of online study, plus three full-day behavioural workshops currently delivered virtually.

Learning is accessed through:

  • The NHS Leadership Academy’s virtual campus, which includes programme films, interactive content, discussion forums and online resources
  • Three one day skills workshops working with expert facilitators 

For detailed information on programme structure click here.

Programme cost

The programme costs £995 per person for those providing NHS-funded care. Payable in full prior to the start of the programme.

The cost is fully inclusive of the three virtual workshops and access to the virtual campus.


Participants are able to self-fund a place on the programme. To self-fund, please sign your name in section three of the terms and conditions as the person who will be responsible for payment when completing your application.

Key benefits

Individual benefits:

  • Encouragement to look within you for the right leadership style, rather than comparing yourself to others
  • Increased awareness of your abilities, enabling you to more clearly identify which styles fit your strengths, your emotional intelligence and how best to use it, how your behaviours might impact on others
  • The authority, capacity and motivation to implement change
  • The tools to transform emotion into an asset
  • Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence, enabling you to work with others more effectively
  • Leads to NHS Leadership Academy Award in Healthcare Leadership

Organisational benefits:

  • Better succession planning, due to having an increased number of capable leaders in the pipeline
  • A wider pool of professional skills to draw on within the organisation
  • Structured, evidence-based perspectives on decision-making which have a positive impact
  • People with greater positive impact on organisational culture
  • Leaders who have powerful strategies to achieve change
  • A healthier degree of challenge throughout the organisation rather than just at a senior level

How to apply

To apply, you will need to provide your details and a personal statement.

We have also created applicant guide to help you with your application. We recommend you read this before applying.

We particularly encourage all colleagues from underrepresented groups to consider our leadership development offers.

Please note, where we are oversubscribed for applications, we reserve the right to close applications early for that cohort.

In the first instance, places on the Mary Seacole programme are awarded on the merit of the applicant’s personal statement. Where we have a large number of applicants with equally strong personal statements, we will award places on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply for this programme, please fill in our application form here.

If you want to talk to us about your leadership development, please contact the programme team by email at [email protected].

To check your eligibility for the programme please click here.

Cohort Information

Please check that you are available to attend all workshops before selecting your preferred cohort.

Please note that all cohorts will run virtually. However, where possible please apply for the cohort in the geographical location you are based. This is to support cohort networking.

Early application is encouraged as cohorts will close when they are at maximum capacity.

Cohort 118 – North West

Programme Start Date23 August 2022
Workshop 120 September 2022
Workshop 215 November 2022
Workshop 310 January 2023
End21 February 2023

Cohort 119 – East of England

Programme Start Date25 August 2022
Workshop 122 September 2022
Workshop 217 November 2022
Workshop 312 January 2023
End23 February 2023

Cohort 109 – North East and Yorkshire

Programme Start Date05 September 2022
Workshop 103 October 2022
Workshop 228 November 2022
Workshop 323 January 2023
End06 March 2023

Cohort 120 – South West

Programme Start Date07 September 2022
Workshop 105 October 2022
Workshop 230 November 2022
Workshop 325 January 2023
End08 March 2023

Cohort 122 – North East and Yorkshire

Programme Start Date20 September 2022
Workshop 118 October 2022
Workshop 213 December 2022
Workshop 307 February 2023
End21 March 2023

Cohort 123 – Midlands

Programme Start Date22 September 2022
Workshop 120 October 2022
Workshop 215 December 2022
Workshop 309 February 2023
End23 March 2023

Cohort 124 – London

Programme Start Date11 October 2022
Workshop 109 November 2022
Workshop 211 January 2023
Workshop 301 March 2023
End12 April 2023

Cohort 125 – North West

Programme Start Date18 October 2022
Workshop 116 November 2022
Workshop 218 January 2023
Workshop 308 March 2023
End19 April 2023

Cohort 126 – East of England

Programme Start Date26 October 2022
Workshop 123 November 2022
Workshop 225 January 2023
Workshop 315 March 2023
End26 April 2023

To check your eligibility for the programme please click here and apply today.