Leadership Academy

Key Information


How you will learn

The programme lasts nine months and incorporates blended learning with mandatory and comprehensive online learning, virtual workshops and small group work, including:

  • 6 online modules of learning
  • 8 days of experiential workshops (currently delivered virtually) – including small group work
  • Approximately 120 hours of online study
  • Submission of a 5,000-word written assessment

For detailed information on programme structure click here.

Programme cost

The Rosalind Franklin programme costs £1,200 per person, fully inclusive of all delivery and access to the virtual campus.

Key benefits

Individual benefits:

  • Deeper and clearer sense of who you are, your strengths and development areas – strengthening your existing leadership practice and improving your personal impact
  • New ideas about how best to work with others through change – understanding different leadership approaches and challenges related to change
  • Working with several analytical tools to more deeply understand the challenges you are currently facing
  • Increased adaptability and readiness to meet the demands of senior leadership within the challenging, transforming environment of the health and care system
  • Deeper understanding of the concept of being a systems leader and how that will require you to behave differently

Organisational benefits:

  • Improving the organisation’s success with participants bringing immediate positive and productive changes to their teams, services and service users in areas such as increasing staff morale, improving service user experience, effective service redesign, reduction of waste and more efficient use of resources
  • Developing participants to work more strategically with greater collaboration across large and complex programmes, departments, services and systems of care, leading to less waste and more efficient use of resources
  • Increasing the number of compassionate, inclusive, inspiring and innovative leaders in the organisation’s talent pipeline for better succession planning
  • Improved leadership practice having a greater positive impact on organisational culture, and inclusive, person-centred care

How to apply

It is important that your manager and organisation agree to support the commitments involved in the programme before you apply.

You will need to provide your details and write a personal statement, unique to this programme.

Your personal statement is an important part of your application and should explain why you’re interested in developing your leadership through this programme, your relevant experience and provide a clear argument for why you should have a place.

Your statement should include the following:

  1. Tell us about your current role and the people/projects/kind of work you lead, demonstrating the complexities and challenges? (max 250 words)
  2. Tell us what you hope to be able to bring to the programme and how you’ll use your learning to help make a positive impact for both staff and patients/service users? (max 200 words)
  3. Why have you chosen this programme, why now, and what do you hope to achieve? (max 200 words)
  4. It is important that you begin the programme having already done some thinking about and exploring opportunities for, leading some real change in your workplace. What are you passionate about and hoping this programme will help you address in your work place? For example, this might directly affect patient care, could be related to your work culture, or a desire to support staff/team development. (max 250 words) 
  5. What arrangements will you make to create time to study for at least 15 – 20 hours a month? (max 100 words)

We have also created applicant guide to help you with your application. We recommend you read this before applying.

Please note, where we are oversubscribed for candidate interest, we reserve the right to close applications early for that cohort. In the first instance, places on the Rosalind Franklin programme will always be awarded on the merit of the applicant’s personal statement. Where we have a large number of applicants with equally strong personal statements, we will award places on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply for this programme, please fill in our application form here.

We particularly encourage all colleagues from underrepresented groups to consider all our leadership development offers.

If you want to talk to us about your leadership development, please contact the programme team by email at [email protected].

Cohort Information

Please check that you are available to attend all workshops before selecting your preferred cohort

Please note that all cohorts will run virtually. However, where possible please apply for the cohort in the geographical location you are based. This is to support cohort networking.

Early application is encouraged as cohorts will close when they are at maximum capacity.

Cohort 38 – North East and Yorkshire

Programme Start Date07 September
Foundations (2 days)05 October – 06 October
Impact Group 024 October25 October
Impact Group 114 November15 November
Impact Group 209 January10 January
Impact Group 320 February21 February
Impact Group 427 March28 March
Final Workshop09 May

Cohort 39 – Midlands

Programme Start Date12 September
Foundations (2 days)10 October – 11 October
Impact Group 031 October01 November
Impact Group 123 November24 November
Impact Group 209 January10 January
Impact Group 320 February21 February
Impact Group 403 April04 April
Final Workshop15 May

Cohort 40 – North West

Programme Start Date14 September
Foundations (2 days)12 October – 13 October
Impact Group 002 November03 November
Impact Group 121 November22 November
Impact Group 211 January12 January
Impact Group 322 February23 February
Impact Group 413 April14 April
Final Workshop23 May

Cohort 41 – London

Programme Start Date21 September
Foundations (2 days)19 October – 20 October
Impact Group 007 November08 November
Impact Group 128 November29 November
Impact Group 216 January17 January
Impact Group 301 March02 March
Impact Group 417 April18 April
Final Workshop01 June

Cohort 42 – East of England

Programme Start Date05 October
Foundations (2 days)02 November – 03 November
Impact Group 023 November24 November
Impact Group 112 December13 December
Impact Group 225 January26 January
Impact Group 308 March09 March
Impact Group 424 April25 April
Final Workshop05 June

Cohort 43 – South West

Programme Start Date12 October
Foundations (2 days)09 November – 10 November
Impact Group 030 November01 December
Impact Group 119 December20 December
Impact Group 230 January31 January
Impact Group 315 March16 March
Impact Group 426 April27 April
Final Workshop08 June

Cohort 44 – South East

Programme Start Date19 October
Foundations (2 days)16 November – 17 November
Impact Group 007 December08 December
Impact Group 111 January12 January
Impact Group 222 February23 February
Impact Group 313 April14 April
Impact Group 424 May25 May
Final Workshop05 July

To check your eligibility for the programme please click here and apply today.