Leadership Academy



Introduction Text:
The Rosalind Franklin programme is for clinicians or managers leading from the middle of health and care systems, aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems of care.

It is for you if you are:

  • Directly leading people who manage others i.e. a step beyond first line management. This group is likely to include those who work in a traditional team based in a structured medium to large organisation
  • Individuals who may not directly lead a team but as part of their role; lead a project, pathway or service across a network or system. This includes managers, clinicians of all disciplines and those in postgraduate training
  • A professional who leads teams of experienced professionals that may exist on a temporary basis before dissolving, and then realigning again around specific issues. This group might include those leading complex projects and initiatives who operate at the pivot points between other professional groups and need to balance operational and strategic demands
  • Managing complex programmes and projects, substantial budgets, politically sensitive and significantly impactful work