Leadership Academy



How the programme is structured:

Introduction Text:
There are two levels within the Edward Jenner programme: Launch and Foundations.

Both Launch and Foundations are accessed via the NHS Leadership Academy website, after registering with our leadership community website NHSx and continue to be open access, online and with no charge.


Launch contains the elements below, each of which contains film, activities and discussions to take part in; it takes around 5 hours to complete.

  • How Launch works
  • Why does leadership matter?
  • Stages of personal development
  • Personal values – what’s important to me?
  • The New Leader Pathway – routes, options & purpose
  • Levels of learning
  • What next?


There is approximately 35 hours of learning in Foundations, which can be completed in as little as six weeks. However participants are given the flexibility to set their own timeframes for completing the programme, which covers:

  • Understanding person-centred care
  • Is ‘patient experience’ a verbal analgesic?
  • Methods of understanding the patient experience
  • Leadership behaviours for person-centred care
  • The Francis Inquiry
  • Challenges in healthcare
  • Johari window – illustrating and improving self-awareness
  • Healthcare Leadership Model
  • Power and influence
  • Levels of listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Adaptive leadership
  • What next?

A final piece of written evidence looks at your leadership difference gained from this programme. We allow you some time to gather evidence for this. Submitting your leadership difference will enter you for a NHS Leadership Academy award in Leadership Foundations.