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Who is the Edward Jenner programme for?

This programme is for all colleagues who are new to leadership and are exploring what it means. It also acts as a preliminary learning programme for newly qualified nursing and clinical staff. Whether you’re new to health and care or an aspiring leader at the start of your journey, you’re the perfect candidate.

The Edward Jenner programme is for you if you’re:

  • From any clinical or non-clinical background
  • A newly-qualified clinician
  • New to/returning to a clinical role
  • Aspiring to a leadership role
  • A healthcare professional student or trainee



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Quote / Testimonial:

“The programme gets you to start thinking like a leader and realise that you have leadership potential no matter what your job role. It is a fantastic first step in anyone’s leadership journey.”

Dr Kerry Ann Louise Jobling
Academic Teaching Fellow, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust