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If, as a mid-level leader, you’re aspiring to take on a more senior role while, at the same time, looking to have a wider impact by leading a culture of compassion, then this programme, inspired by the inspirational and visionary leader Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, is ideal for you. It will equip you with the confidence to challenge the status quo and drive real and lasting change to improve the patient experience. From the last two intakes, almost 50% of participants reported that they’d been promoted during the programme, with over 90% attributing this to learning. 


The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is a unique healthcare leadership programme. The world-class provider mix of internationally renowned healthcare, business and academic experts brings with it a comprehensive perspective. Our part-residential programme allows cohorts of participants to develop together, to draw upon one another’s experiences and build bonds that they can take into their careers.


Above all, the focus is on helping you to become more resilient and able to meet the demands of working in often high-pressured healthcare environments so that patients see improved outcomes and experiences.


The programme is fully accredited, leading to a Masters in Healthcare Leadership and an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Senior Healthcare Leadership.



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Our partners include:


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Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Eramus University Rotterdam

University of Pretoria


Programme overview:




Head of professional development, Chris Lake
Chris Lake

“We know that well-led organisations, teams and services bring better outcomes, and healthcare is no exception. We also know that converting academic study into frontline behaviours is challenging and often overwhelming.


The design of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme allows participants to bring real, immediate change within their workplace helping to lead a culture of compassion that directly impacts upon the patient experience. Participants report improved resilience, greater confidence and empowerment. The programme has been designed specifically to meet the challenges we face in healthcare today and to further enable change for tomorrow.


The uniqueness of the programme lies in our provider mix. Carefully blended learning allows participants to draw insights and have a practical focus from experts in healthcare and business, as well as academia. Not only this, but taking dedicated time-out from the day-to-day clearly allows participants to develop more fully as a leader and benefit from being part of a committed cohort.


The programme is hard work and requires a commitment just as any other Masters qualification would. The difference is we do our utmost to support participants so they can balance work and study with a personal tutor, online support to help you do things at your convenience and a schedule of face-to-face support and learning that allows you to make plans well in advance.



Chris Lake

Programme sponsor and Head of professional development, NHS Leadership Academy





For the individual:


  • The strong practical focus and work-based learning lightens the workload and means you will apply your new skills immediately, making a difference to patients as you learn
  • Learning is delivered through a combination of face-to-face and online learning to fit around your schedule
  • Your personal tutor will support and guide you to make the most of the programme
  • Access to study skills support via our virtual campus, helping you to optimise your study and cope with balancing study with work
  • Designed to give you high-level people management skills and world-class business acumen to prepare you for the demands of senior leadership in today’s, and tomorrow’s, NHS
  • This is a programme designed for the NHS, with the NHS and delivered by the NHS Leadership Academy with world-renowned healthcare, business and academic experts from KPMG, Manchester Business School, the Health Services Management Centre at the University of Birmingham, National Voices, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Pretoria, Patient and service user organisation, National Voices and Harvard School of Public Health.
  • The programme is fully accredited leading to a Masters in Healthcare Leadership and an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Senior Healthcare Leadership.


For the organisation:

World renowned expertise

The programmes have been designed by a consortium of internationally renowned academic, healthcare and business experts all held to account by a UK patient group (National Voices)


Ground breaking learning technologies

To maximise learning, the programmes use blended learning techniques; including online, residential, action-learning and face-to-face channels. This model is an innovative and rigorous learning experience focussed on immediate action.


Learning tailored to your needs

Designed to work as a complete progressive leadership programme, whatever the challenges facing your healthcare system, this programme supports your healthcare professionals on their leadership journey.


Flexible learning, immediate impact

Designed to fit around today’s demanding lifestyles, this programme harnesses online learning to ensure that participants can learn at any time and any place. The practical content and action learning approach means participants apply new skills immediately to improve performance in their work.

Case study: Dianne Graham, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust (RDASH)


Dianne Graham has already recommended the NHS Leadership Academy Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme to her managers at Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust.


Dianne, who is Assistant Director of Mental Health, says the programme has so far been worthwhile and challenging.


“I think it is one of the best leadership programmes available and for me at this point in my career it has been extremely useful,” said Dianne, who started the programme in May 2014.


“I am really enjoying it. For me it’s a good mix of academia and practical application on leadership learning. I think the work-based assignments are thought-provoking – they enable you as a participant to really see the relevance of the learning in the workplace.


“As a leader I am more reflective generally. I put more effort into leadership rather than general management which I think provides more long-term impact and benefits patient care.”


Dianne says the EGA has increased her confidence and knowledge and has emphasised the importance of integrity.


“The programme has been great for me. It has inspired me to provide value-based leadership, to focus on my leadership team and their potential and challenge activities that do not add value to patient care. It has helped me to collaborate with partner agencies as I am able to apply theory to practice and feel more confident in having certain conversations than previously.


“For example, since embarking on the programme I’ve challenged complex line management structures and requests for work that do not add value to patients. I’ve also had conversations with my leadership team about resilience and about maintaining a focus on improvements.”


Dianne feels she has always been committed to high quality patient care, and that has not changed. But she now has a heightened awareness of the importance of engaging patients in service development and in patient leadership.


Although it is hard to combine the academic rigour and challenging schedule with a   demanding full-time job, Dianne feels inspired to continue her leadership development in future, and to help others to do so too.


“My plans would be to develop my coaching ability.  I would like to capitalize on my learning for the benefit of other NHS leaders.  The action learning sets in particular have supported this personal view.”

What is the structure of The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme?