Nye Bevan Programme Application Self-Assessment

Prior to completing an application form for the Nye Bevan Programme, we encourage you to complete the below self-assessment questionnaire. By completing the exercise, you will:

  • Identify whether you meet the required level of readiness to apply for the Nye Bevan Programme at this stage in your career.
  • Identify your strengths and development areas against the aspiration for leadership at Executive Director level. 
  • Define practical steps you can take to build on what you’re already great at, and to address gaps. 

Access the Nye Bevan self-assessment tool.

The Nye Bevan programme is for senior clinical or non-clinical leaders aspiring to executive director (or equivalent) roles across the NHS, including providers, commissioning organisations, arm’s length bodies, national organisations, and wider health and care.

It’s for you if you are:

  • Aspiring to move into a board role within the next two years, or already in the first two years of your board role
  • Ready and committed to further developing your skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through a demanding leadership development programme with peer assessment
  • Motivated by the opportunity to apply your new executive leadership approach directly to your organisations

We particularly encourage all colleagues from underrepresented groups to consider our leadership development offers.

This is a rewarding, yet demanding, programme and will require dedicated time outside the residential activity and application in the workplace. About 50% of the programme centres on work-based application of your learning. It is therefore essential that your manager and organisation are aware of and support the commitments involved. Given the nature of your role and tasks, it’s important for you to jointly consider the feasibility of you creating the time to apply your studies to the workplace.

Alternatives if you’re not eligible

If you’re not eligible for the Nye Bevan programme, the NHS Leadership Academy runs a range of alternative programmes for colleagues at every level. You may also be interested in the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme which is offered as part of the Senior Leaders Apprenticeship.

If you want to talk about your development needs, please contact our friendly team by email at [email protected].